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Plastic Mold Steels



  • Welding
    Superior mold quality after welding. Low hardness of heat affected zone eases post-weld cutting and grinding operations and minimizes mold distortion, etch unevenness, and differences in luster upon mirror finishing. Unique composition eliminates weld cracking.
  • Machining
    Rough machines up to 50% faster than P20 (30% overall) to a superior surface with negligible dimensional change. Use of PX5 assures the longest cutting tool life of any 30 HRc, P20-type material. Consistent hardness and microstructure allow dependable, unattended machining.
  • EDM
    EDM surface hardness is about 70% of that produced by typical P20-type steels. Post EDM grinding and polishing operations are simpler and more consistent, and problems such as surface layer cracking or peeling are reduced.
  • Stability
    Uniform hardness and refined grain structure assure the highest level of dimensional stability (after machining) of any P20-type mold steel.
  • Surface Enhancements
    Can be ion-nitrided to produce a surface hardness over 60 HRc with negligible distortion or dimensional change.
  • Texturing and Polishing
    Uniform microstructure and hardness give PX5 the best surface-finish characteristics of any P20-type material. Low chemical segregation eliminates the occurrence of photo etch unevenness.
  • Toughness
    Exceptional toughness reduces cracking problems in molds

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