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Plastic Mold Steels



  • Welding
    Due to low carbon content, age hardening, and the availability of NAK weld rod, hardness is lowered in the heat-affected zone during the welding process. NAK55 can be re-aged to 40 HRc with no distortion or stress put into the mold. Polish, texture and wear in the weld are indistinguishable from adjoining "parent steel" on the finished product.
  • Machining
    Machines up to 50% faster than P20 to a superior surface with negligible dimensional change. Positive rake cutters with concave, chip breaking inserts work best, and last up to twice as long as with P20 mold steels.
  • EDM
    The soft recast layer (approximately 32 HRc) is much thinner and is easier to remove than steels with a recast layer that is equivalent to their "as quenched" hardness. With NAK55, no post EDM stress relieving is ever needed.
  • Stability
    Age hardening eliminates the stresses inherent in quenched and tempered steels. NAK55 is dimensionally stable and predictable over many years of heating and cooling cycles.
  • Surface Enhancements
    VAR processing with uniform grain structure facilitates superior nickel, chrome, titanium, and other coatings. Unique chemistry responds extremely well to ion-nitriding.

  • Texturing and Polishing
    Exceptionally clean steel with uniform grain structure polishes beautifully allowing superior texturing and photo etching.
  • Wear
    Higher hardness ensures molds have a longer life than those made from P20, particularly in gate, runner, and parting line areas.

    The uniform, refined grain structure of NAK55

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