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Sustainability: "Going Green"

In today’s plastic injection molding world companies are finding new ways to help the environment by “Going Green”. They accomplish this in many ways. Recycle water, resins, and chemicals, also using less energy are just a few ways that companies are going green. While recycling is a great way to help save the planet, would it not benefit both the planet and corporations if there was less material to recycle in the first place? Also, would it not benefit the planet and corporations if the energy used to make companies products was somewhat less then before? For the past 11 years there has been a recyclable product on the market that will do just that. The material is called Porcerax II and it can help your company to go green in a variety of ways. Porcerax II is a self-venting mold steel that allows gas to pass through the material while keeping plastic between the cavity and core.

  1. Scrap Material – When companies mold their parts they figure into the equation the amount of scrapped resin that is going to be associated with making their parts. This material will not be sold on the market place but will have to be recycled and made into other parts or possibly end up in a land fill somewhere. By reducing the amount of scrap resin before a job is started we are eliminating resin that will eventually end up in a land fill somewhere. This is where Porcerax II comes into play. By using small amounts of Porcerax II companies can cut down their amount of scrap that results from inadequate venting. We have seen parts with scrap rates anywhere from 5 – 100% come drastically down to nothing just by using Porcerax II in their molds. By using less resin to make their parts they are not only helping the planet but they are helping themselves by saving money. We have many testimonials outlining how companies have been able to accomplish this with relative ease. Scrapped Resins also require energy so that they can be reused to make other products. This energy saved will also help the lower the company’s carbon footprint.
  2. Cycle Times – The longer it takes to make a plastic part the more energy is needed to make that part. By using Porcerax II in your mold your can reduce the cycle times needed to make those parts. By reducing cycle times companies can get their parts to market faster while reducing their energy footprint to make that part. Porcerax II has also eliminated secondary processes in the molding process such as painting, trimming flash, etc…. By eliminated these secondary processes once again we have saved the energy needed to accomplish these processes and we have also eliminated more of the resin scrap we talked about before. Once again another key factor in using Porcerax II is saving money because these processes can be eliminated.
  3. Injection Pressure – As with all injection molded parts it takes injection pressure in order to make that part. In quite a few instances companies are having to ramp up the pressure in order to fill the part properly. By increasing these pressures we are using more energy, we are creating more wear and tear on the equipment as well as the mold. This increased wear and tear will undoubtedly have an affect on the energy to make these parts whether it is repairing the equipment or weld repairing of the mold, all these processes require energy and money. Porcerax II can also reduce the size of manifold required to make certain parts. For example; by using Porcerax II for a speaker grille application, the customer was able to switch from a 6 drop manifold to a single sub-gate. This savings was both beneficial to the environment as well as his bottom line.
  4. Resin Reduction in Plastic Parts – Customers using Porcerax II has seen the amount of resin needed to make their parts drop because Porcerax II allows for perfect venting. Customers no longer need to pack extra resin into their parts because of fill problems. A cost savings to the environment and their bottom line.

In conclusion, Porcerax II is a 100% recyclable steel product that can have a significant affect in many ways on the injection molding process. Reduced resin consumption, reduction of energy consumption, elimination of secondary processes to name a few. All of these will make “Going Green” a lot easier for your company.

Paul W. Britton National Sales Manager Mold Products Division



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